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  • Slotted hex washer head needlepoint screws (HWH SMS) zip or sharp point screws
  • Used for H.V.A.C., guttering, and other thin gauge metal applications where a larger diameter screw is needed
  • Made of #1018 grade carbon steel
  • Feature a silver zinc finish
  • 40-hour rating in a salt spray resistance test
  • Feature a twin lead needlepoint, which will eliminate the need to pre-drill a hole in most cases
  • The #8’s use a 1/4” nutsetter
  • The #10’s use a 5/16” nutsetter
  • Sold in 1000 packs
  • White or brown in color



Product ID:

2510 - White #8 X 1/2” HWH Zips – 1,000 pk 

2511 - Brown #8 X 1/2” HWH Zips – 1,000 pk

White or Brown HWH Zips

SKU: 2511
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