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  • Pro Grade Teflon tape
  • 99.9% pure, professional-grade PTFE tape
  • Used with a variety of piping materials



Product ID:

4545 - Venom™ 1/2” x 520” PTFE Tape 

4546 - Venom™ 3/4” x 520” PTFE Tape 

4548 - Venom™ 1/2” x 1500” PTFE Tape 

4549 - Venom™ 3/4” x 1500” PTFE Tape

Venon (TM) PTFE Tape

  • Specifications

    Venom™ PTFE Tape Blue Monster™ PTFE Tape    
    Large tape roll is 1500” long Large tape roll is 1429” long
    3.5 mils thick

    3.5 mils thick

    Contains no dye making

    it food safe

    Contains dyes making

    it not food-safe

    UL listed –

    works for potable water

    Not for potable water use

    Safe for use on oxygen


    Not to be used on oxygen


    Temp range: -450ºF to +550ºF Temp range: -450ºF to +500ºF
    Meets two Mil Specs Has no Mil Specs


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