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  • Full-body safety harness
  • Used in construction and industrial fields for fall protection
  • Includes a lanyard keeper and work belt loops plus an attached 6’ shock-absorbing lanyard
  • Features a single back D-ring with mating buckle leg closures (universal size)


Product ID: 1975

Universal Safety Harness w/Lanyard

SKU: 1975
  • Specifications

    • The harness is made of a polyester web material that has a minimum tensile rating of 6,000 lbs.
    • The snap hook is SAE 4130 ASTM A505 high alloy steel that is plated for corrosion resistance.
    • The hook is rated with a minimum tensile strength of 5,000 lbs.
    • It features stress indicators to allow users to know if a fall has taken place (harnesses are to be replaced every time there is a fall).
    • The harness weighs 2.3 lbs
    • Rated at 425 lbs and the lanyard is rated at 310 lbs
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