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  • Cordless, rechargeable COB work lights
  • COB lighting system
  • Produce no heat
  • Used by cabinet installers, automotive shops, and over-the-road truckers 
  • High-quality portable light to see into dark areas
  • One-year warranty against manufactures defects. 







Product ID: 1010   

Ultra Slim COB Work Light

SKU: 1010
  • Specifications

    • Micro-adjustable lumen switch adjusts from 0-450 lumens
    • Swivel base features a strong 20 lb magnet that can be removed to shorten profile 40 chip COB array allows for light density up to 850% more than LED's while consuming less power Externally & internally designed for harsh conditions & dirty environments
    • 2200mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery
    • 2.5 - 10 working hours depending on the brightness level used
    • 4 hr recharge time from full discharge
    • Only weighs 7 oz.    
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