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  • During the manufacturing process, the nitrile material is able to seep into the pores of the hi-viz knit fabric
  • Resulting in this 3 texture pattern
  • Provides a robust grip 
  • Triple grip nitrile palm and fingers
  • Shell is highly elasticized for a snug, comfortable fit.
  • Nitrile on the front of the glove for protection from abrasion, cuts, punctures, certain chemicals, caustics, petrochemicals, grease, oils, animal fats, etc. 



Product ID:

1356 Ultimate Grip Hi-Vis Gloves – Lg – (Dz)

1357 Ultimate Grip Hi-Vis Gloves – XL - (Dz)     

Ultimate Grip Hi-Vis Gloves – (Dz)

  • Specifications

    • The palm area features a horizontally ridged pattern across the entire width of the palm for extra grip
    • The underside of the fingers and thumb feature a knurled-type pattern
    • The last ¾” of the thumb and fingertips have a tight zig-zag, semi-smooth design for a more incredible feel and dexterity in this area, which is excellent for handling smaller items.     
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