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  • 6" x 9" abrasive hand pads 
  • Made of a non-woven synthetic-based fleece
  • High-quality grit



Product ID:

2325 - Maroon Very Fine Scuff Pad 

2326 - Grey Ultra Fine Scuff Pad 

2327 - White Non-Abrasive Scuff Pad

Scuff Pad

Color and Surface
  • Specifications

    They are used for surface preparation of metal, wood, and fiberglass. They can also be used to strip paint and varnish, “de-fuzz” wood, and for janitorial applications. They are flexible, waterproof, self-dressing, and are extremely versatile.

    • Maroon very fine pad: Most popular of the three, it features VF grade “prism & fist” shaped grains which give a uniform scratch finish. Cross reference to 3M© #7447 and Norton # 747.
    • Grey ultra fine pad: This pad is ideally suited to metal finsihing due to the sharp knife-like edges that give a clean cutting action. Cross reference with the 3M© #7448 and Norton #635.
    • White non-abrasive pad: This pad features a non-abrasive material for use in cleaning delicate and non scratch surfaces. Cross reference with the 3M© #7445/98 and Norton # 456.
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