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  • “Ice Age” cooling towel or wrap will help you beat the heat whether on a job site, at the gym, or just mowing your lawn
  • Great for around your neck or as a headband
  • The towel can be used to wipe down your face or used underneath a hard hat
  • Increases efficiency by keeping users cool



Product ID: 
1944 PVA Cooling Wrap - 4” x 29.5” 

1948 13” x 30” PVA Cooling Towel

PVA Cooling Wrap/Towel

SKU: 1944
  • Specifications

    • Cool water activated
    • PVA coolness that lasts up to 4 hours with each activation 
    • Safe and reusable 
    • Wrap is 4” x 29.5”
    • Towel is 13” x 30”
    • Universal size
    • Washing machine safe
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