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  • Designed to drill all harder materials
  • Used in percussion or rotary tools only
  • Will make holes in almost all materials
  • Engineered for drilling hard materials
  • Featuring a serrated carbide tip
  • (A drill press-supported drill motor is recommended for drilling hard metal)



Product ID:

1545 - Patriot 3/16" x 4" V-Groove Bit - Dz 

1546 - Patriot 1/4" x 4" V-Groove Bit - Dz

Patriot 3/16" x 4" V-Groove Bit - Dz

SKU: 1545
  • Specifications

    These superior masonry drill bits will cut:

    Tile • Hard Metal • Plastic • Wood • Marble • Granite • Masonry

    Note: Because of the differing densities of these materials, the number of holes may vary. Slow drilling speeds are recommended, and in some cases, marble and granite may not be drillable with carbide tools

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