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  • High-end saw blades
  • Bright orange in color 
  • Specifically designed for fast cutting and framing and are rated low noise because of the extra thin kerf and tooth design



Product ID: 3442     

Orange CMT 7 1/4" x 24 Pro Blade

SKU: 3442
  • Specifications

    • Designed for framing/decking & general construction. It gives faster cuts thanks to the special teeth geometry. 
    • Designed for cutting lumber, plywood, and OBS sheets. Can be used on portable and cordless circular saws. 
    • 0.069 kerf thickness, 0.043 plate thickness, 20° hook angle, 10° ATB+Shear grind. 
    • Thin kerf reduces material waste, shear angle produces smooth cuts, and improves cutting speed.     
    • Special Carbide prevents material failure and the Non-Stick Orange Shield protects against corrosion. 
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