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  • Replacement end plugs
  • Manufactured by  Leviton
  • Used by anyone who runs power tools or anyone who buys extension cords



Product ID: 
1033 Male Replacement Elect Plug

1034 Female Replacement Elect Plug 

Male Replacement Elect Plug - PVB & Female Replacement Elect Plug - CVB

  • Specifications

    • Triple-drive heady screws - Standard, Phillips, Robertson  
    • NEMA configuration number & rating molded on the face of the device for easy identification   Deep-slotted, backed-out screws drawback wire clamps securely for maximum conductivity  
    • Husk & module keyed for easy alignment during wiring  
    • Built-in cord grip adjusts automatically for use with No. 18-3 through No. 12-3 cords  
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