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  • A scientifically formulated sports drink
  • Developed to provide a zero-calorie/zero-sugar balance of fluids, electrolytes (potassium and sodium), and vitamin C
  • Offers a great taste that satisfies basic thirst, restores essential fluids and minerals, and keeps you hydrated without extra calories
  • Contains 50 sticks designed to be added to a 16 oz bottle of water or for a lighter taste add to a 20 oz bottle 
  • Three great flavors



Product ID: 

6295 Blue Raz Hydration Sticks - 50 pk 

6296 Fruit Punch Hydration Sticks - 50 pk 

6297 Lemon Lime Hydration Sticks - 50 pk

Hydration Sticks - 50 pk

SKU: 6295
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