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  • Specifically designed for the clean-up of industrial spills and leaks
  • Constructed of medium-weight twin-bonded layers of melt-blown polypropylene with ultrasonic (dimpled) weld points for increased strength and durability
  • The pads are 15” x 17” and come in a plastic bag of 100 pads
  • These pads will absorb up to 25 times their weight in liquids
  • A pack of 100 will absorb up to 24 lbs of fluids


Product ID:

6701 - Gray - 100 pk - Universal 

6702 - White Sorbent Pads - 100 pk – Oil Only          

Gray Sorbent Pads - 100 pk - Universal

SKU: 6701
  • Specifications

    • The universal pads are gray in color and are for non-aggressive chemicals, solvents, coolants, water, and water-based liquids. 
    • The oil-only pads are white in color and specifically designed for petroleum-based liquids. 


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