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  • The design is put on the hat via a hydro dip process that allows the design to be permanently attached
  • Carbon fiber look
  • Solid, full-brim design made of HDPE to keep you well protected
  • Feature a gripped brim underside
  • Includes a washable sweatband to keep perspiration from dripping on your face
  • Includes an optional and easily removable chin strap



Product ID: 1921

Carbon Fiber Style Black Full Brim Hard Hat

SKU: 1921
  • Specifications

    •  Heavy-duty construction yet lightweight and comfortable
    •  6 multi-point suspension with an ez-lock adjustable ratcheting design
    •  Soft cloth suspension “x” straps for a comfortable fit
    •  Meets ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class C Standards
    •  This durable and affordable hat meets OSHA requirements and offers on the job 


    •  Full brim design provides protection from sun and rain
    •  Great for industrial, electrical, utility, and energy applications
    •  Suits both men and women and is compatible with other PPE including safety goggles and glasses
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