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  • Used by builders, plumbers, electricians, masons, etc.
  • Included in the package; (1) Magnetic Mounting Bracket (1) Laser Target Plate (3) AA Batteries (1) Hard Carry Case



Product ID: 4043     

Bosch GLL-55 Cross-Line Laser - Recon

SKU: 4043
  • Specifications


    • VisiMax™ technology – delivers maximum line visibility in standard working conditions
    • Easy-to-use laser setup modes – projects vertical, horizontal, and cross lines
    • Versatile job layout – lines can be projected separately or together for a variety of level and alignment apps.
    • Smart Pendulum System – allows the tool to self-level, and it indicates out-of-level condition
    • Secure laser transport – after switching off, the pendulum is locked
    • Simple keypad operation – easily select among the layout modes
    • Magnetic L mount – strong magnets to attach to the steel
    • YouTube Demo Video:
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