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  • Manufactured by CMT
  • 80-tooth blades are fine finish blades for the larger contractor chop saws
  • Designed for cross-cuts in wood, plywood, chipboard, and laminate
  • Not be used for rip cuts because of the number of teeth
  • 60-tooth blade is best for crosscuts in wood and plywood but will do reasonably well in chipboard, laminates, and rip-cutting wood



Product ID:

3445 - CMT 12" x 60 Carbide Blade - K06012 

3446 - CMT 12" x 80 Carbide Blade - K08012 

3447 - CMT 10" x 80 Carbide Blade - K08010

60T/80T CMT Carbide Blade

  • Specifications

    • Remarkably thin kerf reduces material waste and demand on the saw while delivering reliable, good-quality performance, cut after cut.
    • Plates are cut from the finest steel and then hardened to reach 44 Rockwell in hardness.
    • Specially designed slots allow the blade to expand under heat and stress to prevent warping.
    • The finest quality carbide is on the cutting edges. The special formula guarantees a longer cutting life. 
    • The best choice for professional construction workers.
    • Max RPM 10” blade is 7600. Max RPM on 80 tooth blades is 6400.    
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