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  • Professional quality body and frame repair kit
  • Used in truck repair shops, welders, metal fabricators, farmers, ranchers, oilfield workers, equipment dealers, contractors, and trash collection companies
  • Features a pump unit with a rubber flame-resistant hose (approx. 6' long)
  • 5000-psi working pressure
  • Double base feet
  • Included is a hydraulic ram that works either horizontally or vertically when the hose is at the lower end of the pump
  • Slip-on fittings (push on the tubing or fittings, and you're ready to go)
  • Comes in a steel box or a plastic case
  •  1-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.


Product ID: 1696

4 Ton Porta-Power Kit

SKU: 1696
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