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  • Made of nylon extra-course silicon carbide grain
  • Easily cleaned with pressurized air or rinsed clean with water



Product ID: 2274

4-1/2 " x 1/2" x 7/8" Clean & Strip Cup Wheel

SKU: 2274
  • Specifications


    • Cleans large surfaces quickly & quietly

    • Grinds in corners, on contours and hard-to-reach areas

    • Faster cutting and safer than wire brushes and wheels

    • Cleans any surface without damaging or leaving contaminants

    • Product contains no metal components, no rust for stainless steel industry


    • Strips paint from steel plate without scratching

    • Stainless steel polishing, weld splatter and gasket cleaning

    • Rust, scale and coating removal of metal parts with consistent finish

    • Light cleaning of hard wood, plastic edging and marine algae cleaning

    • Fibre glass roughening, epoxy removals on brick and concrete surfaces, etc

    • Removes undercoating, stone guards, seam sealers and rust on truck beds and undercarriages

    • Suitable for Industrial, Automotive, Marine, Stainless Steel fabrication and household DIY

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