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  • Made of special hi-molybdenum tool steel.
  • Heat treated at 2185 degrees Fahrenheit and then nitro-carburized at -950 degrees
  • Measurably harder than standard high-speed steel
  • Feature a 135 degrees split point for faster penetration and accurate starting without a center punch
  • The body and clearance of this bit are “gold surface" treated for maximum lubricity
  • Designed for drilling in harder steels such as stainless
  • Less brittle than a cobalt bit, so you will not have the problem of chipping
  • They have tri-flat ½” shanks (which can be used in a ½” keyed chuck drill)
  • The shanks are flatted to prevent slipping
  • Comes in an aluminum case
  • Sizes include 1/2” to 1” by 64th increments



Product ID: 3638     

33pc Black/Gold Drill Index (1/2" - 1")

SKU: 3638
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