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  • For anyone that needs to dismount and remount tires 
  • Includes a bead holder, a forked dismounting tool, and the spoon/iron remount tool



Product ID: 1764

3 pc Tire Mount / Dismount Tool

SKU: 1764
  • Specifications


    • Only one tool needed to dismount tires
    • Will not damage beads, saving valuable casings for successful retreading
    • Eliminates the need to lift the tire & rim to remove the bottom bead, preventing possible strain or even serious injury
    • Make tire dismounting much easier and saves time
    • Will dismount tire with wheel size between 17.5” to 24.5”
    • Super singles up to 315 size (will not do the 385 sizes)
    • Will handle most radial & bias ply tire
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