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  • EnviroTab® is a product that will clean, disinfect, and deodorize the air, water, and surfaces
  • The active ingredient is sodium chlorite which when added to water generates chlorine dioxide, a gaseous molecule
  • Convenient and easy to use since you just drop a tablet into water, allow it to dissolve, and you have an amazing cleaning agent.


Product ID:

8351 EnviroTab® 10 Gram - 50 Tab Bucket     

8352 EnviroTab® 20 Gram - 25 Tab Bucket    

EnviroTab Bucket

SKU: 8351
  • Specifications

    • Air: When dissolved in water, these tablets release a gaseous molecule that is able to rid the air of odors at their source
    • Water: When dissolved in water, these tablets Help remove both organic and inorganic impurities, and are recommended by WHO for the purification of emergency and animal drinking water
    • Surfaces: When dissolved in water, these tablets create solutions that are highly effective in breaking down proteins and polysaccharides, greatly enhance the performance of microfiber, and aid in mold and mildew removal

    We suggest the 10-gram tablet for both the corded and cordless foggers (#8351).
    We suggest the 20-gram tablet for the backpack fogger (#8352).

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